Ctrl or Ftn Keys

Why are keyboard manufacturers placing the function key on the extreme bottom left of the keyboard? This has always been the position of the ctrl keys; It’s messing with my fast key operatiions.

Live Writer Windows 10

Having been working with Windows 10 for a while, updating systems and computers I haven’t written much to the blog. So, I thought I would make time to write a few articles. I downloaded ‘Live Writer’ from Microsoft, tried to install, it failed to do so. I tried once more, same problem occurred. I searched the net people seemed to say that everything should work. I tried once again although by now the frustration had started to show.

Wikipedia came to my rescue, I was looking up the version history of Live Writer and found that there was in fact an open source version adeptly named ‘Open Live Writer’.

Downloaded, Installed, and working on Windows 10.

So if you are like me, like the convenience of Live Writer and want it work on Windows 10, then please follow this link it was will save you time and your frustration.


Tarmac Line Marking

Tarmac Line Marking App is almost complete – have mentioned on Facebook that the app production had commenced. The draft concepts were shown and approved, the coding began shortly after.

Now the tablet app is almost complete and the first demo testing has begun.

Firefox Down

Not really sure what happened to my Mozilla Firefox this morning, it looked like an update nothing strange there. It never did upgrade just left me with a broken shortcut.

I have been using Chrome a lot recently but I have always favoured Firefox. Of late though I have begun to have a few issues that I didn’t have the answers to. In the development of apps Chrome is a little more supportive.

Navig8r S10 GPS Sports Watch

I have a big gripe about I watch I brought a little while ago. The watch was the Navig8, it was sold out of many of the retail outlets I had access to, but I eventually found one at Fountain Gate Shopping Centre.

I was really pleased with the watch I brought it to track my GPS movements while I was doing photography. It worked really well integrated with Lightroom easily and overall it had every function I needed.

However, here is my whinge, firstly it looks like a robust sporty type watch – it fell apart while I was doing the gardening. I pieced back together it lasted for a few more weeks before disintegrating again. Then the numbers vanished, only when the watch was warm did the numbers come back, I presume there’s some kind of dry connection inside the watch.

Look i know we live in a throw-a-way society, but it wasn’t a cheap watch, you would expect to get a little more than 8 months from it.

OK whinge over but has anyone got the time…?

Navig8r Navwatch S10 GPS Sportswatch

Less is More

I have been experimenting with WinLess CSS pre-compiler, it really is an innovative way of scripting CSS. You can code so much faster and for me nested CSS rules are easy to navigate and comprehend. Adding the ability to use variables, operations and functions in CSS adds so much power.

It easy to learn and understand because you already know CSS you’re just formatting and using in a more innovative way.

Organic Eggs

Brought 6 organic eggs this morning they were on special, I wouldn’t pay the normal asking price of $5.50 for 6 eggs but I must say the taste was tremendous. I don’t see why the consumer should pay excessively for the natural way a product should be produced.

Why is everything web based

I really do like to have a desktop app, I don’t want to operating software through a browser, I don’t want my accounts in the cloud. I just want an application that I open use and close when I’m finished is that too difficult to ask?

Adobe also are shitting me, years ago you knew where you were with the software the newer version would have all this nice new extras that you wanted to play with so you upgraded. Now you don’t actually now what functions are current. I was testing a version of Illustrator CC on a friends computer, I must say it was the best version of illustrator for PC for a long time. However, I was viewing so videos about CC on you tube a new feature rounded corners that was ideal for the design I was attempting to produce. I searched the menus I couldn’t find this option. Ok it’s illustrator CC, why is it not there oh yes I only have Illustrator 17 not 17.1 silly me lets download another update.

Lightroom also, an 800mb download each time I upgrade, the amount of times an upgrade as failed to download is a joke. I now access the Adobe FTP servers and download the latest version from there. This method never fails me.

Perhaps I getting to old for all this computer stuff.

Loads of Balls

Hires_logoMy first personal app is on Google Play Store – Loads of balls smart phone app improves your odds on the Australian lottery. The free version randomly selects 8 or 10 balls depending on which option you choose. It covers that number of balls in the minimal amount of lines possible reducing the wager. If the six winning numbers are included in you 8 or 10 number selections it will guarantee that 5 of those numbers will be on a winning line.

It’s Free

Gplay_logo     https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.au.maximise_resolution&hl=en


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